Family History

Giles Walker, Spider Screne, L. Kelly, F.W.Byrde, Bees Knight, Howard, Pilsworth, J.D.Palmer, Jack Penny. Middle Row: Jack Paterson, Marshall, Stronach, J.Tilly. Front Row: E.L.Thomas, E.L.Heelis, W.Vanderspar, Featherstonhaugh, T.C.Anderson, J.C.Roberts,

Many European Families have links with Ceylon. Family members lived and worked for many generations here.

If you are researching your family history, I can help by finding some of the past.

This is a picture taken of the first cricket match between Dimbulla and Dickoya in 1870. The great grand children of one of the players visited, and not only did we manage to find this photograph, but also the score sheet with his name.

If you only have a small amount of information, i.e. where they lived or worked, we can find records in local churches or sports clubs etc.


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